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Orvis H2 Covert for Christmas Please!


It’s Holiday time. That being said, do I have the gift for the angler on your list who has everything!

All of us know how amazing the H2 Orvis rod is. I don’t care what you fish, that 6 wt is out of this world. Now, Orvis has something for the person on your list who LOVES that 6 wt (like me!). It’s the COVERT H2 fly rod. This rod is BAD ASS and, it comes as a 5 weight, which is perfect for that summer trout trip AND an 8 weight, which is perfect for that spring steelhead trip on the Muskegon! And….shhhh don’t tell anyone but this makes the perfect nymph rod and I know Steve knows how to rig that system.

The cool thing about this rod is that it has all the technicality behind the H2, BUT it is special edition and limited quantity. This rod does not look like the regular H2. It’s matte black, as the Covert name implies, and has a sweet sock and tube to match.
So, the next time you head to the lodge to fish….make sure the Covert is part of your packed gear. I can tell you for a fact, it handles saltwater fish perfectly and will handle that steelhead.

In all honesty, if I was a steelhead, I’d take a fly just to check out the rod….

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