Bittersweet- Spring Trout Muskegon River Lodge
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Bittersweet – Spring Trout Muskegon River Lodge

Spring Trout Muskegon River Lodge

Warm spring weather has finally arrived in the Muskegon River Valley and with it, Spring Trout opener! The first trillium of the season are beginning to bloom and are painting the river edges with color. Wildlife of every type, shape, and size are busily nesting, feeding young, and filling the forest with song. Soon, tasty morel mushrooms will poke up through the forest floor. Eager morel seekers, drawn to their tantalizing flavors, will fan out through the woods of northern Michigan. It’s spring, and it’s as if all of Nature and Nature lovers—including us guides—are celebrating big time as we gear up for Spring Trout season!

Bittersweet, spring steelhead season is drawing to a close, and what a season it has been! Many personal bests were recorded and long lasting memories made. Even now, steelhead numbers remain very fishable, but the ever-diminishing grains of sand in the spawning hour glass signal that soon the 2018 spring steelhead season—one of the best in a decade—will find its place in history. It’s now time to attend to our year-round, resident Spring Trout.

Spring Trout fishing on the Muskegon River is classic fly fishing replete with false casts, mending, and matching the hatches. Stripping streamers on sinktip lines and swinging three weight Spey rods kick off the Spring Trout season. Stripped and swung Chinook salmon fry patterns fool some of our largest rainbow and brown trout, not to mention dropback steelhead that feed aggressively once their spawning chores are completed. Nymphing and dry fly fishing follow and in a few short weeks, will become the name of the game. Although caddis hatches remain significant, increased weed growth in the Muskegon has boosted our mayfly hatches, resulting in some wonderful dry fly fishing.

Here’s a question for you all: why not take that next step in your fly fishing journey to learn classic fly fishing for trout with one of our guides? There’s nothing like learning how to cast, how to execute a drag free drift, and how to fool a trout while on the river—all the while taught and coached by your guide. Way too much fly fishing tackle stands stuck in the back of closets never to see the light of day because the fisherman who tried the sport without instruction, coaching, and encouragement became frustrated and simply chucked it all away.

We love to teach and get people into fly fishing so why not give it a shot this spring? Steelhead are terrific, of course, but until you’ve seen the rise of a trout, chose your fly, made the cast, and then hooked up, you’ve yet to experience all that our sport offers. During our trout fishery, RiverQuest offers full day and half day guided fly fishing out of our 17 and 20 foot jet boats.

Here’s hoping we’ll hear from you!

Call us at 616.293.0501 or email, or Check our Muskegon River Lodge or RiverQuest Charters site or join our social media feeds.

Spring Trout Muskegon River Lodge

Our bookings at the Muskegon River Lodge for the Spring Brown Trout and Spring Rainbow Trout Season for Muskegon River Fly Fishing are coming together nicely! If you are not yet on the schedule to stay with us for some great Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout fly fishing but are interested in staying in our spacious Muskegon River Lodge take a moment to give us a call at (616)293-0501 to check out our open dates.

Our privately secluded lodge on 12.5 wooded acres with 400 feet of prime Muskegon River frontage, the Muskegon River Lodge is the official home of RiverQuest Charters guests, a “Catch and Release Only” fly fishing guide service. Ideally located amidst some of the Muskegon River’s finest steelhead runs and dry fly water, the Muskegon River Lodge offers superb fly fishing literally a cast away from the deck overlooking the river. In addition, our guests are spoiled to superb meals cooked just for them by a private Chef.  We have openings in some of the best weeks still available for the upcoming Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout Fly Fishing season but they won’t be available for long. The great news is that we have plenty of Trout in the Muskegon River, and it’s only going to get better with each passing day! We truly believe 2018 will afford us some of the best quality steelhead fly fishing and trout fly fishing we’ve seen for some time.  Visit our Contact Page to reach out to Muskegon River Lodge or check out our rates.
Chris Bartnick
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